The nutritious superfood of the future! Pulses or legumes are the dried pea, bean and lentil family, and they are nitrogen fixers, which means they leave soil even healthier after harvest. Growing and supporting the pulse industry is not only good for you but good for the planet too.

Authentic products that embody change from the ground up.

Products with a legume-loving, legume-planting purpose. Products that represent love and consciousness, that consider the planet and our extended producer responsibility, asking “what happens to this?” Or “where does it come from?” And “How can we make a difference?”

As long as you have Happy Earth People, you’ve got the start to a delicious nutrient dense meal and you won’t find your little ones hiding these peas under the table. Protein-packed, fiber-filled, loaded with vitamins and minerals, you will even be doing your bit for the planet.

We can do this folks, one mouth-watering mouthful at a time.