It started with a pulse.

It started with a pulse:

Our first market day was a happy success!

Not only did we sell out but we also managed to start a Change for The World Fund.

Thanks to Mr (Bubbly market man) it has so begun:

Happy Earth Fairies: “Hi”

Mr Bubbly market man: “Happy Earth People? So what are you guys doing?”

Happy Earth Fairies: “Well, we ‘re going to change the world one delicious bite of pasta at a time.”

Mr Bubbly market man: “Oh really? And how are you going to do that?”

Happy Earth Fairies: “We are going to show people it’s not so scary to go meatless for just one day a week and that in fact by just doing that. That tiny little step will actually save water, reduce greenhouse gases and even make your heart healthier.”

Mr Bubbly market man: “Shoh okay, I will come back.”

Happy Earth Fairies: “Okay see you later.”

20 minutes later…

Mr Bubbly market man: “I had to get the bacon today but here’s ten bucks for your change the world fund!”

And so it was born; The Change For The World Fund.