Legumes & Banting

Legumes have been eaten for centuries in many cultures. There is plenty research to support that; “Overall, legume intake may be the most important dietary predictor of a long lifespan” as well as weight-loss.

The argument of anti-nutrients and phytic acid is often made when legumes are not prepared properly or soaked. However, most authorities agree that healthy diets should include beans and legumes.

Happy Earth People legume pasta is made from 100% de-hulled legumes, so their is no risk of anti-nutrients.

But are foods like chickpeas and lentils allowed when eating a low carb high fat or banting diet?

We had to get to the bottom of this, and what better way then to ask 🙂

The question had to be answered from the man himself; Tim Noakes.

So we emailed him:


Hi Tim,

Just a question:

With all the recent research and studies done on legumes and the powerful protein and fibre content in pulses, what is your stance on them?

Would love to hear your thoughts?

We make a pasta from red lentils and chickpeas, pulses; which in many cultures have been eaten for centuries – of course one should always soak and prepare them appropriately.

When prepared appropriately or sprouted, what do you think?

Looking forward to your thoughts,

Best regards,

Happy Earth People

The reply:

Dear Happy Earth People

Thank you for your question in your email of 23 October.

Legumes and pulses are fine if you have normal insulin sensitivity. Although they are quite rich in protein they also include substantial carbohydrates. That is why, if one is diabetic or pre-diabetic, we prefer to get the proteins from animal sources.  However, if one has normal blood glucose control then it is entirely possible to enjoy legumes.


With best wishes

Tim Noakes


For more info take a listen to the interview with Tim Noakes on legumes.