Packaging Manifesto

When we first embarked on our mammoth hunt for packaging, we had no idea just how much we would learn along the way. We began our mission with the pure intent of wanting to reconnect with our wholeness and to consume in way that was more harmonious with nature.

Since then, it’s been eyes wide open and we have had to make some pretty difficult decisions in figuring out how to package our product. Of course it is essential that it be packaged. For hygiene and logistics.

Our pasta was first packaged in cellulose bags, which we soon learned were not going to offer enough protection for the contents. We knew we needed a box, but wanted to make sure the box would not harm the environment, so we searched high and low for a biodegradable alternative.

At one point we were using only compostable packaging.

That was, until we spoke with the manufacturers of the packaging. The gentleman was candid: “Look, if you really want to do your bit for the environment, go for recyclable packaging or none at all.”

The former was a difficult one to get to grips with as we had always been inclined to keep plastic to an absolute minimum, but when he explained that people are not yet composting (you also need a larger-scale composting facility) and most compostable packaging ends up in the recycling plants anyway which end up wreaking havoc with the machinery. He made it very clear that what we were most in need of is getting people to first of all recycle.

It may seem like an obvious thing, and something that the converted would take for granted… but let me tell you, that sadly, a lot of us are not yet recycling 🙁

Ideally we would love to go completely package free, and are currently investigating the possibilities of making this happen with certain retailers. But… until then, all we can do is the best for the environment to the best of our knowledge and resources.


So here it is, our manifesto:

We, Happy Earth People hereby declare that we will ALWAYS do our very best to ensure that we have carefully considered the most environmentally conscious packaging to use. We will do this to the best of our ability and in a way that allows us to consume more harmoniously with nature.

For now, that means a biodegradable box and a 100% recyclable inner sleeve.

We will, furthermore, actively educate and raise awareness that overflowing landfills are just NOT ayoba, at all! Not when every single one of us has the opportunity and the responsibility to choose a brighter future for our children and our planet.

We say NO to single use, non-recyclable packaging. We say YES to sustainability, education and to a happy earth with happy healthy conscious people.