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10 Health & Wellness Trends To Watch In 2021

Putting an end to 2020 feels cathartic. This year has put an unprecedented strain on

Celebrate Garden Day This October!

Garden Day is a chance for people across the country to spend some quality time

Sustainable Sunday

“Small hinges swing big doors” – Our team at Happy Earth People have a new

Small Changes Make A Big Difference

Written by Korkor Opai-Tetteh Dr. Hazel Wallace of the Food Medic recently shared a post on

A Journey Around the World with Pulses

In celebration of the International Year of Pulses in 2016, the book ‘Pulses: Nutritious seeds

Pulses: Our Sustainable Food

We believe pulses are the nutritious superfood of the future. Legumes also known as pulses, are the

Spicy Basil Pesto Chickpea Pasta

Pasta, pesto & spice – all things that hold a special place in my heart

We’re Turning Two!

Wow, it feels groovy to walk! Can you believe it was just two years ago;

6 Ways a Holistic Approach Can Change Your Life

Written by Emma Mildon Holistic has many definitions — some call it woo-woo, others spiritual,

Packaging Manifesto

When we first embarked on our mammoth hunt for packaging, we had no idea just