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Vegan Mac and Cheese Peas

By Francesca Rose l Francesca Eats Roses  A healthy, dairy-free, low-carb cheesy pasta dish. Sounds [...]

Curried Butternut Pasta in Just One Pot!

By: Frances Beresford   This One-Pot Curried Butternut Pasta, is a must-try! The curry is a [...]

Celebrating Women with Love From Frances!

By: Frances Beresford   Remember, nothing is more important than people; in other words, friendship is [...]

Cooking with Kids – Quinoa Neatballs

Learning how to cook with those dearest to us will always be one of our [...]

Pea Pesto Protein Pasta

By Francesca Annenberg It’s been a while since I lasted threw a recipe on this [...]

Mexican black bean pasta salad

By Jessica Kotlowitz As a Registered dietitian, I always try to encourage my patients to [...]

Tofu-mushroom Alfredo Lentil Pasta with Chicken-Style Strips

By Francesca Annenberg It was a Sunday afternoon and I was getting ready to make [...]

A delicious Asian-style ramen bowl with chickpea pasta recipe by Happy Earth People

Are you craving a warm, spicy, and delicious bowl of ramen to get cozy this [...]

Portobello’s, Thyme and a Recipe to Celebrate Their Goodness!

Portobello mushrooms stand out from all the other mushrooms in the produce section, with their [...]

(almost) fully loaded sweet potatoes with pecan & hemp seed sauce

By guest blogger: Francesca Annenberg I decided to name these “(almost) fully loaded sweet potatoes” [...]