The Mission

Honest-to-goodness products that embody change from the ground up.

the-missionWhat’s the whole mission?

Whole, like, the whole planet.

We believe that together, we can bring back the connection between our food, our health and the health of our planet. We plan to restore that connection with earth-friendly pulse-based food products.

We want to nourish.

We see a world in which all people live healthily and happily, fuelled by the power of simple pulse-based foods. A world in which farming and the food system restores and regenerates the earth and all of its inhabitants.

Why pulses?

We believe pulses are the nutritious superfood of the future. Pulses (AKA legumes) include the dried pea, bean and lentil families and are fantastic sources of protein and fibre, full of iron and loaded with antioxidants. They may even be the answer to climate change related food security concerns, as they need very little water to grow and are so nutritionally jam-packed! Plus, they’re soil enriching, leaving land even healthier after harvest.

Research shows that eating a variety of legumes can help prevent chronic illnesses such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer and weight gain as well as improve gut health.

We make healthy, convenient pasta alternatives that nourish both you, and the planet.