Our Story

Hi there.

We’re Taleszia and Candice and we’re Happy Earth People. We’ve experienced real-life lessons on the importance of what we choose to put into our, and into our children’s bodies. And we’ve found that what we eat goes hand in hand with a happy, healthy life.

We have seen children (and many adults for that matter) consume the wrong foods from an early age and we’ve seen it have an impact on their health and development, regularly causing allergies, making it hard for them to concentrate and causing other imbalances.

We’ve discovered the value of using good, healthy, whole food as the ideal tool to strengthen and nourish our bodies.















You see the truth is this:

We simply cannot function at our optimum level without the correct nutrition.

We felt compelled to make natural, WHOLE foods more accessible so that more people could experience for themselves what we have discovered. The bright shiny answer at the end of the dark, lethargic tunnel? Step forward the, oh so humble, LEGUME! They are bursting with health, full of fibre; iron; essential vitamins; minerals and plant protein goodness. And that’s why we love them!

Having discovered them, and all the goodness that they hold, we headed to the kitchen with the very clear intention of reconnecting to wholeness, and rolled out our very first lentil pasta with a wine bottle!

And right on that very day, while we were doing our happy dance, we committed to going to the ends of the earth to create the most delicious, wholesome, meat-free, organically grown legume products for you and your family to enjoy a happy, healthy, full-to-the-brim vivacious life.