Mungday cleanse: How to guide

A Mungday a week keeps the body at a peak!

Please NOTE:

  • This is a monodiet cleanse so we recommend drinking for all three meals of the day or sip when hungry.
  • Drink a lot of water and herbal teas to assist with elimination.
  • You may peel your carrot if you prefer and use the whole baby marrow besides the top.
  • You may squeeze fresh lemon, salt and pepper and also fresh coriander if you would like to mix up the flavours.
  • Reintroduce gentle foods back into your system the day following the cleanse. Things like fruit, veggies, oats and easily digestible foods will help build back your digestive fire quite nicely. AVOID heavy meals with lots of meat and alcohol that is harder to digest for the first day.

Keep strong, you can do this! Remember it’s totally worth it!