Gluten-free Survival Guide by Ursula

Video by Ursula Botha

We now have gluten-free pizza, gluten-free cakes, gluten-free this and gluten-free that.

You may just have a slight hunch by now that a gluten-free lifestyle is on the rise. The ‘free-from-gluten’ trend has fast become a worldwide phenomenon. The certification is featured on more and more products which are displayed in aisles entirely dedicated to healthier options, and the gluten-free initials, GF, seem to be a growing feature on restaurant menus. People are experimenting and adjusting to a diet which is resulting in desired health & wellness results, corresponding with research that is revealing such benefits. Yes, for many people it may just be another fad, however for others it is transforming, empowering and an answer to one or often a set of prolonged health issues.

So what is this whole ‘gluten’ thing anyways?

Gluten is a protein composite found in grains such as wheat, spelt, rye. It tends to make sneaky appearances in foods even when you least expect it, like soy sauce for example. The symptoms of gluten intolerance can manifest in your body in many different ways, often depending on whether you are just intolerant or highly allergic (celiac). If you’re considering eliminating gluten from your diet, Ursula suggests knowing your WHY because this is what will make it an easier lifestyle choice.

I choose to live pain-free, I choose to have a good skin, I choose to live my best vibrant life that I can possibly live.

In this Gluten-free Survival Guide vlog, Ursula kindly offers her personal experience with gluten and why she and gluten had to eventually go their separate ways. She shares the do’s and don’ts about minimising your gluten intake or going completely gluten-free. She reminds us to never focus on what we can’t eat (when you cut out gluten) because there is an enormous range of food out there waiting to be discovered and enjoyed; just like our pasta of course! 🙂

Ursula also warns, not all alternatives are healthy. Be careful of a high sugar content; it never hurts to read over the ingredients. Remember the more natural, the better!

Here’s to empowering ourselves with knowledge about our health, our bodies and the food we put inside them.

About the vlogger:

Ursula Botha is an actress, accidental academic and health-nut based in Johannesburg. Her YouTube channel features a variety of videos including plant based recipes, fashion and daily vlogs. Since birth Ursula’s had a compromised digestive system, which caused much discomfort and chronic illnesses. Therefore, she pursues a gluten, dairy, sugar-FREE diet in order to live a healthy, vibrant, fun and balanced lifestyle.

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