The Climate Diet Dinner Series

Hosted by Lapo’s Kitchen at the Josephine Mill Museum, this educational culinary experience was a total delight and a wonderful reminder as to just how precious our soil really is.

Met by the open air cinema, Unbroken Ground explains the critical role that food will play in the next frontier of humanity’s mission to solve the environmental crisis. The film tells the story of four groups that are pioneers in the fields of regenerative agriculture, regenerative grazing, diversified crop development and restorative fishing.

Soil Saver

After this moving short film, our very own eco-entrepreneur Taleszia Raubenheimer, shared her love for legumes, emphasising their importance and ability to have a significant impact on soil health. Taleszia continued to share Happy Earth People’s initiative and brand vision, explaining the detrimental effects of nitrogen fertilisers, how they can cause dead zones in our oceans, which in turn increase the effects of climate change. Taleszia explained how planting, growing and eating more legumes presents a very real solution not only to soil erosion but also malnutrition, and climate-change related food security issues.

The magnificent Lapo opened the dinner table with a ‘Soil Saver’ starter, using Happy Earth people Red Lentil fusilli, beautifully paired with a velouté of spring broad beans and tempura water blommetjies.

Desert Spirit

Sarah Kennan,  a free surfer, environmentalist and founder of Leonista Spirit shared her passion for the agave plant, and how this ignited her brand concept of traditionally producing South Africa’s first 100% Karoo agave spirit. Lapo astonished us all once again with ‘A Drop from the Desert’. This Palette Cleanser was a smoking frozen sorbet infused with Leonista Blanco. A total crowd pleaser!

What came first? The chicken or the egg?

Lapo had an abstract take on this the main event. He left us with some food for thought as out came poached & crumbed bio-dynamically farmed eggs that, at first glance, appeared to be a chicken schnitzel. Guests dined in delight & sipped contently on Avondale’s Samsara Syrah as our next speaker was introduced, Pat Featherstone.

The Soil Queen

Founder of Soil for Life, Pat is an inspiring woman that comes with a vast amount of knowledge and walking proof that dynamite really does come in small packages. Soil for Life is a public benefit organisation that teaches people to grow their own food, improve their health and take care of our precious soil.

Ending off the evening on a sweet note. Dessert was served; ‘Textures of Soil’ a surprise to not only us but also our taste buds. Lapo told the story of soil through the various elements of beetroot, clay-chocolate mousse, coffee and honey comb that he used to create a remarkable dish.

Everyone left fully satisfied, yet hungry to make a difference in preserving our precious soil and doing our bit for the planet. Remembering, healthy Earth equals healthy us 😉

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Let’s go Climate Diet let’s go!