Sustainable Sunday

“Small hinges swing big doors” – Our team at Happy Earth People have a new motion to this motto.

We believe if you are not doing something, then you aren’t doing anything. So, let’s think solutions and start somewhere with a single act of consciousness.

Sustainable Sunday is a fresh initiative, thought out to inspire and challenge; by nominating friends, family, colleagues and community, shaping climate smart habits, in doing our bit for our darling planet.

This roll-out challenge is designed to get as many people as possible, proactively rethinking about day-to-day tasks in an eco-conscious way. Encouraging us all to reinvent the norm with conscious, environmentally savvy alternatives.

Every week you will be challenged to snap, post and share. Nominating three individuals to get involved in the movement, tag @happyearthpeople in your #SustainableSunday post and inspire your friends to get creative too. Each of the three participants, will then join the challenge and nominate another three friends, in so doing; many drops become a wave of change.

Are you an eco-warrior ready to ripple environmental mindfulness?

Tag @happyearthpeople on Instagram and Facebook and use the #SustainableSunday hashtag let’s start a movement.

This Sunday- are you in?