It Was a Glorious Affair!

When every day becomes a question of; “how best to serve?” the answers could mean biting off a fair bit to chew 😉

That was how it all began to unfold about 6 months ago at The Source Cape Town, when they had asked us to provide food at the Conscious Movement Conference which happens annually, so much for just dropping by!

Sleeves rolled up, and deep breaths taken, we were ready to put together our very first event.

Delicious food, jam-packed with goodness and cruelty-free being the order of the day; we teamed up with the Vegan Goods Market who came through with all the bells and whistles (have you ever tried one of those Edo wraps?! YUM!)

Happy Earth People Ratatouille Red Lentil Pasta & Chickpea Ala King


Bunless burgers and wraps

    Edo wraps in action!

Sweet treats galore!

Our friends at Volulez Vous Crepes.

We also couldn’t resist the opportunity to integrate children (and adult children) into our happy space. Superbly undertaken by the wonderful folks at Soul Circus Org – Seriously, check these guys out, they are next level amazing!

Yoga, meditation, sound journeys, toe dancing, hula-hooping, sunshine and mouthwatering food. Happy Earth Fair 2018, was in absolute honesty an expression of all things nice and wholesome.

I am not going to say that it wasn’t hectic, and there weren’t a good few sleepless nights but when you are standing in the middle of a tent on a field with kids, and parents, and teens, young, old – it didn’t matter. All there to be ourselves; expressing and enjoying that which feels natural and really very nice, it all becomes extremely worth it. And the chills are a sheer indication of all the love that surrounds us. Wow! What a feeling.

Deepest gratitude to all the helping hands, the beautiful energy and conscious contributors that co-created what was one of the most wonderful things we have ever been a part of.

Well done and thank you!

Keep an eye out for more events like this one, we can certainly look forward to them in future! Here’s to learning a whole lotta lessons with a whole lotta heart!