It’s just another magic Mungday!

Just over a year ago, life decided to dish me up my very first serious physical clout. It was intense. I remember it like it was yesterday. It started like most things that go pear-shaped quickly: I was in a rush, stressed out, and my mind was far away from now, somewhere on planet future. Being a bit of a backyard alchemist, I had some extremely potent medicine in my “mooty” box. Miracle Mineral Solution from Jim Humble a seriously strong, miracle solution meant for micro dosing, which can also be used for certain cancers. I had acquired this out of sheer desperation when my grandmother was diagnosed with a stage 4 glioblastoma, a brain tumor. Now its bottle had broken, and instead of doing the responsible thing immediately, I poured it into a water glass to be dealt with later. The next day, in a mad rush, to set up for our Happy Earth People stand at the market; I drank the entire glass thinking it was water. [Sh!t] Ignore, run, set-up, rush. There I stood, high as a kite. In the coming days, I began to experience the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my life. One day whilst pushing and pulling pasta, my partner, Candice (and other Happy Earth extraordinaire) said to me: “Tea, you look yellow. Go to the hospital.” So I did. Of course, on arrival there was all manner of paperwork and cost queries for my immediate attention. All this followed by the single solution to put me on a drip for pain. In that very painful moment, I was faced with two very different options: One, to submit into ignorance and dull the very loud screech coming from my stomach or two, to use this experience to expand into wisdom (as in knowledge experienced). So, I did a whole lot of research to acquire the knowledge and sat deep within my pain to experience the wisdom. I took a week to implement what I had felt (within me) needed to be addressed. Which seemed to be an injury in my gut. The protocol, was to first create a space suitable for healing to take place so I stopped ingesting food and did a water fast for one day. On day two, I cleaned what I could feel was an internal wound with various gentle cleansing herbs including aloe bitters, buchu tea and triphala. Day three was for soothing the injury, which meant a probiotic and liquid fast with Vibrant Health Vibrant Flora and Maximum Vibrance. Finally I needed to rebuild my damaged gut, which I did with L-glutamine. Of course, it only made sense that one wouldn’t go off running with a broken leg that’s healing. So I began to devise a sort of physiotherapy for my gut. Something that would cleanse, soothe and allow repair. My heart’s absolute love for Ayurveda meant that I was familiar with the healing prescription diet of Kitchari. So I adapted this into a gentle cleansing broth as a maintenance plan for my recovering gut. I get goose bumps sharing with you the fact that I have built the most wonderful, honest relationship with my gut and digestive system since then. Listening carefully, respecting that it too needs some time off. Caring for myself on a mind-body level. On an experiential level. I began to practice some wonderful Ayurvedic regimes that have brought me to a place of understanding and love for my body. I now take one day a week (when I can and depending on what time allows) to Mungday cleanse my body and care for me. Cleanse day practice: Soak Mungday protein mix the night before.
  1. Wake up feeling grateful for this wonderful day to be kind to my body.
  2. Scrape the tongue.
  3. Drink warm lemon water or warm water
  4. Meditate, tuning into the sensations of my body.
  5. Salt cleanse nasal cavities
  6. Put Mungday Cleanse on to cook.
  7. Gentle stretching, dry-brushing or even oil pulling.
  8. Oil massage followed by a gentle shower (as it’s best to leave some oil on the body for the day)
  9. Have morning bowl of broth and gentle walk (in my case usually to the office)
  10. Work, having packed a 1liter jar for lunch.
  11. Enjoy broth for lunch.
  12. I like to have a small cup of broth or even a kombucha at about 3PM
  13. After work hatha, depending on energy levels.
  14. Broth for dinner, followed by some delicious tea. I like ginger tulsi or even a cup of organic cocoa (without milk)
  15. Meditation and rest.
*No digital digesting on this day, that means once I leave the office I do not entertain any form of tech. *Be sure to drink a lot of clean water and herbal teas all day, this will help eliminate toxins. *Check energy levels before walking or yoga, as every day is different. The first couple of cleanse days are tough, and will take a bit of mental strength (depending on how active you are in general) but it certainly gets easier. As you begin to experience the benefits, the initial challenge becomes absolutely worth it. Both Candice and I, have continued this regular gentle cleansing regime. Which we absolutely praise each and every time we do it. We truly believe in this product (and all our products of course:) )We support each other, which makes it easier and it has now become something we genuinely look forward to. The next day, I usually wake-up and do some exercise followed by the reintroduction of gentle foods back into the digestive system. Foods like oats, fruits or a smoothie – nourishing gentle foods, as you rebuild the digestive fire. I get so excited, my head is clear and energy levels are fantastic helping me feel lighter and brighter, and full of vigour for the rest of the week. Happy body, calm mind and nourished spirit.