Legumes might be just the thing your heart needs to be happy.

Exercise and eat healthy, the key to a happy, healthy and long life. Sounds easy right?

In South Africa, every hour, 5 people have a heart attack and 10 people have strokes. More South Africans die of cardiovascular disease than all the cancers combined. And globally this disease claims more lives than TB, HIV and malaria combined. Yikes!

Your overall health largely depends on what you eat

Many South Africans are blissfully unaware of the harrowing stats regarding the plague of cardiovascular disease. And while every person might be aware that an unhealthy lifestyle is one of the few factors contributing to developing cardiovascular disease, a micro percentage of those people know that healthy living is 80% what you eat.

With that being said, what if we told you that by consuming a ½ – 2 cup(s) of a certain cooked food four times a week is associated with a 22% reduced risk in coronary heart disease and a massive reduction of 11% for cardiovascular disease as indicated by a US-based study?

That certain food is none other than legumes of course!

Legumes are powerhouses of proteins, carbohydrates vitamins, minerals, fibre and phytochemical (plant chemicals)

Legumes contain substantial amounts of fibre. 15 grams in a ½ cup of cooked legumes to be precise. Fibre binds to cholesterol and carries it out of the body. Hence, cholesterol levels are reduced. Eating more fibre = more cholesterol carried out of your body away from your heart.

Legumes are recommended and raved about far and wide in the health care community including the South African Heart and Stroke Foundation, but they hold a negative reputation: gas. Like all plants, legumes have a natural way in which it protects itself through anti nutrients located mainly in the skin. Anti-nutrients affect the way in which your body absorbs nutrients. But as different and unique as every personality is, our digestive systems differ from person to person too. Some people’s bodies absorb phytonutrients better than others, so the anti-nutrients barely affect them.

Preparation is key

Preparing and enjoying legumes the right way makes a huge difference. Soaking them over night activates the outer layer, making those glorious beans all the more easy on your tum! Also, try to use the de-hulled variety, by de-hulling legumes during processing, the outer layer is removed entirely.

At Happy Earth People we love legumes! And can proudly say we have developed our products using a combination of the above techniques. Giving you all the goodness of this nutrient dense food without any of the digestive hassles ( no gas, yay! ). You see, we want you to have a healthy, happy heart by making it easy to enjoy hassle-free healthy food alternatives made from our absolute favourite ingredient – the humble legume 🙂


Here’s to a happy, healthy heart!