Feel good food gardening!

There’s no comparison between the taste of a store-bought tomato and one that comes fresh out of nature! Nurturing a relationship with where and how you get your food is an on going journey and the key to conscious consumption.

Not only are we able to eat fresh, nutrient-dense food when we get our food from the garden, a good old fashioned forage or the local veg box, but we are also able to enjoy benefits like stress reduction, increased vitamin D, enjoyable moderate exercise, sensory awareness, increased cognitive function, immune regulation and an increase in endorphins. Being outside can literally make you happier 🙂

About the vlogger:

Ursula Botha is an actress, accidental academic and health-nut based in Johannesburg. Her YouTube channel features a variety of videos including plant based recipes, fashion and daily vlogs. Since birth Ursula’s had a compromised digestive system, which caused much discomfort and chronic illnesses. Therefore, she pursues a gluten, dairy, sugar-FREE diet in order to live a healthy, vibrant, fun and balanced lifestyle.

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