Grounding can alleviate sleeplessness and inflammation.

We all know the mental benefits of connecting to nature. However, what are the health implications of staying physically disconnected with the Earth? “Earthing” or “Grounding” is a breakthrough in the environmental-medical field that has revealed promising results that may alleviate some of the most common health consequences of our modern lifestyles.

Free radicals’ are a toxic natural by-product of the oxidative stress process that can be highly damaging to living cells and has been linked to sleeplessness, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and chronic and acute inflammation. Free radicals are essentially electrons that don’t have a friend so they roam around your body bullying your cells for another electron to pair with. While free-radicals are an essential combative part of the immune system, an excess may have serious health implications. This excess of free-radicals and our modern lifestyles are directly linked.

Grounding or Earthing has shown evidence that keeping physical contact with the earth may alleviate some of the symptoms of inflammation, sleeplessness and degenerative diseases. The Earth’s surface is one giant supplier of electrons. By removing insular materials, such as your shoes, you are able to draw electrons from the Earth that neutralise these damaging radicals as there is an abundance of potential friends to pair with. Another solution is combating the oxidative process itself. Adopting a diet that’s rich in antioxidants, like organic fruits, vegetables and legumes prevents free-radicals from “taking” electrons within human cells.

It just makes sense to go and play outside doesn’t it? Just another reason why we should all be Happy Earth People 🙂