Going green and saying no to plastic.

From bamboo straws to beeswax cling-film and grocery bags made from hemp, shoppers have never had a shopping environment so plastic-free.

That’s a great thing, considering we all know the devastating effects that plastic-laden lifestyles have on our Earth – tonnes of the stuff is dumped in our oceans or in landfills each year and harms all living things that come in contact with it.

But thankfully, a number of pioneering individuals and companies have stood up to oppose this rising tide of needless pollution.

NUDE foods are one such company that facilitates sustainability through the zero-waste lifestyle for which they advocate and encourage

At Shop Zero, you will find a selection of products that are ethically created with the environment in mind. Their reusable containers replace conventional packaging so that you can shop their health supplies while supporting the fight against plastic.

Unpacked pantry seeks to inspire gentleness towards the Earth with their consciously sourced products, ingredients and packaging

Spaza store at the watershed in V&A Waterfront specialises in hand-made homeware products, they are beautiful eco-friendly alternatives to everyday household items, such as hand-knotted kitchen cloths, and scrubs.

The Refillery prides themselves on being a planet-friendly grocery store, free of the pesky plastic that we need out of our oceans.

Happy Earth People’s delicious legume products come in biodegradable packaging so you can have your chickpeas and be an eco-conscious individual too, plus you can visit the above package free retailers to get your bulk fix!

The package-free movement is gaining rapid popularity amongst eco earth-warriors and the everyday shopper alike. You can do your part by supporting lifestyle stores that aim to reduce or minimize plastic packaging, and switching single-use plastics for long-lasting and environmentally-friendly alternatives.

There are so many options out there that the power truly is in your hands to make informed, green choices in your daily life.


Image credit: Otto Whitehead