jar bar

JarBar! A deliciously sustainable lunch

Meet Ella, co-founder of JarBar and office lunch extraordinaire.

JarBar is all about healthy and sustainable living. Their soups and salads come in reusable jars so there’s no packaging and less impact on the environment.  JarBar is a Friendly Food that’s friendly to the planet, animals and YOU!

Ella started JarBar in August 2015. “I wanted to do 2 things.” Says Ella

“1) I wanted to do something with my life that felt like I was making a difference in the world, and 2) everyday was a struggle to find healthy, convenient and affordable lunch, and I wanted to find a way to put an end to that.”

Over a few discussions while trying to find lunch, Tanya Vee and Ella curated the concept of JarBar; a unique food delivery service that provides good food that is good for you, and cares about both the planet and you.

They started on a small scale with selling to friends and family whilst still working day jobs, and very quickly realised there was a demand for it. A few months later, they resigned, and I have been running JarBar full time for over a year and a half now.

The main goal was to create food that is not just healthy but also delicious and convenient. JarBar is made with real ingredients sourced locally.

It is free from refined products (such as sugar), preservatives, additives, GMO’s, and 95% of the time gluten-free as well. Catering for meat lovers, vegetarians, vegans, the banters, and health nuts. Initially offering salads and soups, but have now added curries, gluten-free (legume) pasta, and some meals that can be warmed up. Their menu changes each month, with different options on offer every day Monday – Friday.

JarBar also focuses on sustainability by serving all food in reusable jars so there’s no packaging and less impact on the environment. “We charge a once off jar deposit per jar you will have on hand, and exchange the empty jar when we deliver your new order. We support ethical farming practices by only using pasture raised meat and all our fresh produce is ordered based on actual orders received, which significantly reduces food wastage.” Says Ella

The jars are air tight, which means the food stays fresh for longer. For the salads, it also allows perfect layering with dressing at the bottom and your greens are at the top which also helps to keep it fresh for longer. Jars can be eaten on the go in the jar (just give it a good shake), or will fall perfectly when emptied onto your plate.

We tried the hearty Roasted Butternut, Courgettes, Onions & Carrots swimming in an authentic Italian tomato sauce with Happy Earth People red lentil pasta. Oh my goodness! It was an absolute winner, so filling, so delicious, so healthy!


For more on how you can get your hands on some of Ella’s fabulous jars check out: jarbar.co.za you will be very glad you did!