new year

Happy New Year!

The new year greets us for another yearly cycle of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual evolution. This time of year comes with its own whirlwind of inspired ideas, hopes and resolutions.

Someone very wise once said; ” a single good resolution made with faithful determination is much better than many made with half-hearted interest and intention.”

Our suggestion for a resolution this year is; harmony.

Harmony with our world, harmony with our purpose and harmony with each other. With our bodies, our spirit and our minds.

Including proper, wholesome eating, daily physical exercise. Daily meditation, mental peace and calmness.

Control over the senses; alert thinking, kind conversation to ourselves, impartial introspection, service to humanity, cooperation with our fellow men, and love for and loyalty to our Source, Creator, Divine Mother, Mother Nature, Guides and Gurus in whichever form, belief or practice we hold in our hearts.

This harmony will prepare us to contribute in a more effective way to universal peace and harmony which is needed very badly today.

If you establish harmony and happiness within yourself, you can be a wonderful influence on other people and they, in turn, will want to follow your example to help others.

The divine power of harmony is forceful indeed! Be the embodiment of Love, let your light shine and light up the world.


Happy harmony 2018 to you all 🙂