The Gut-Brain Axis

Recipe by The Good Gut Guru

Over the years, science has proven that gut bacteria have neurotransmitter receptors that allow them to communicate directly with your brain via neural pathways, such as the vagus nerve. In a way, they’re like a super complex, high-functioning phone lines.

This line of communication between the gut and nervous system is called the gut-brain axis. And research has proven that disturbances to this system are linked to a wide range of health ailments, including depression, anxiety, inflammatory gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, addiction, and even eating disorders.

While the research is still young, studies show that the gut microbiota and the brain are in constant communication with each other. What we eat can impact the way we think, the way react, and the way our bodies react to stress.

The gut-brain axis is fascinating and there is so much still to be discovered- but what we do know is that the link exists.

So how do we support this link? We can eat the right foods and reduce stress for a good head start.

This bowl is so full of those foods good-gut supporting foods and so simple too!

Super Zen Buddha bowl

Serves 1


  •  Red lentil pasta from @happyearthpeople for fibre
  • Half and avocado for healthy fats
  • 1 cup steamed broccoli for magnesium
  • 1/2 cup peppers and 1/2 cup cherry tomatoes  for polyphenols
  • Hummus for added gees, a good dollop


  1. Cook pasta as per packet instructions
  2. Steam veggies
  3. Assemble
  4. Top with hummus and any extras
  5. Enjoy!

About the author:

Hi! I’m Meg and I’m on a journey to healing my gut through delicious food, healthy habits and an active lifestyle- this includes dancing in my lounge too! I share gut health tips, advice and recipes in a way that is approachable and easy to digest 🙂

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