Be like the hummingbird.

Did you know? Hummingbirds are the only birds that can’t walk, but they can fly backwards and that’s not all. They are also a tiny sign that spring is here. This spring we encourage you to Be like the hummingbird. Here’s why.

The Story of the Hummingbird, as told by celebrated Kenyan environmental activist, women’s rights advocate, and 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Wangari Maathai in Dirt! The Movie:

“One day a terrible fire broke out in a forest – a huge woodlands was suddenly engulfed by a raging wild fire. Frightened, all the animals fled their homes and ran out of the forest. As they came to the edge of a stream they stopped to watch the fire and they were feeling very discouraged and
powerless. They were all bemoaning the destruction of their homes. Every one of them thought there was nothing they could do about the fire, except for one little hummingbird.

This particular hummingbird decided it would do something. It swooped into the stream and picked up a few drops of water and went into the forest and put them on the fire. Then it went back to the stream and did it again, and it kept going back, again and again and again. All the other animals watched in disbelief; some tried to discourage the hummingbird with comments like, “Don’t bother, it is too much, you are too little, your wings will burn, your beak is too tiny, it’s only a drop, you can’t put out this fire.”

And as the animals stood around disparaging the little bird’s efforts, the bird noticed how hopeless and forlorn they looked. Then one of the animals shouted out and challenged the hummingbird in a mocking voice, “What do you think you are doing?” And the hummingbird, without wasting time or
losing a beat, looked back and said, “I am doing what I can.”

And that to me is what all of us should do. We should always be like a hummingbird. I may be insignificant, but I certainly don’t want to be like the animals watching the planet goes down the drain. I will be a hummingbird, I will do the best I can. “

We can still make a difference.

There are a lot of scary things happening right now, and it can feel overwhelming. Our Earth is struggling because we have exploited our natural resources and our species is facing a very real crises. The one thing we can refuse to do, is give up. We can make small changes, right now,  just like the hummingbird. When we open our hearts and see all of Nature as apart of ourselves, we have the power to shift the world into a world that is compassionate, responsible and driven by the well-being of all. Small hinges swing big doors.

5 things we can do about climate change:

Become climate literate:

When we are informed we can make better decisions and greener choices. Check out National Geographic’s climate change documentary Before The Flood, with Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s available on YouTube and a great way to get clued up.

Make changes at home:

Become waste savvy. Recycle and compost where possible, try keeping as much waste out of landfill. This can be as simple as becoming more aware of conscious consumption, shopping at zero waste stores and buying less plastic.

Join the Sustainable Sunday movement; and inspire friends, family, colleagues and community, to shape climate smart habits, in doing our bit for our darling planet.

Try going plant-based at least once a week and swap out the meat, eggs, and dairy in your diet for delicious plant-based foods -like legumes ? every Monday. It’s delicious, good for you and has quite a significant impact on greenhouse gases and our precious water supplies.

Switch off appliances not in use, reduce water waste and use solar energy where possible.

Walk or bike when you can:

Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint, but your overall level of health will improve and you will save money on parking and petrol.

Make plants our best friends:

When gardening, select plants that are well suited to your climate and require minimal watering (like legumes J) and attention. Better yet, plant a tree, and it will provide shade and soak up carbon from the atmosphere. Why not make the most of it by attending environmentally conscious events like Greenpop’s Reforest Fest?

Get involved and educate others about the big picture:

Know that small steps make big differences, by being informed and living a life that is indicative of your stand point you have a ripple effect. Ask questions at work or on holiday at the places you visit; are they recycling? What produce are they using? No action is too little.

Be like the hummingbird 😉



Story source:

Wangari Maathai – “I will be a hummingbird

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