responsible consumption and production for a Greener Future

Resetting the Narrative For a Greener Future

In these challenging times for the world, it is more important than ever to work together to ensure a better future for all. The SDG story is about what most people want: more inclusive, peaceful and sustainable societies, no later than 2030. The UN SDG Action Campaign remains hopeful that we can face these challenges in solidarity and flip division into togetherness, and apathy to action. It is time to react, reset, restart. Old models have not delivered. We need new ones.

Flip The Script is an open-source campaign that is looking to highlight various approaches and actions one can take for a healthy, green and fair future. The campaign calls on every citizen of the planet to keep challenging what we think, to keep on pushing our perception on what we believe and what we can do. To truly take advantage of the opportunities and solutions that currently exist and choose to invest in them in an effort to solve our global challenges.

Everyone of us has the ability to reimagine the world, and take active steps for positive change to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. For us, this means changing the narrative of consumerism to one of conscious consumerism – a world where we can create win, win, wins for both people and planet. Doing all that we can in driving the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Everyone of us is a change-maker.

We must reimagine the narrative and turn apathy into action. Turn fear into hope. Division into togetherness.

Every action matters – no matter how great or small. We will flip the script on our own daily approaches to help mobilise, inspire and connect our community. This is our moment and the time is now.