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Silly Season Survival Guide

Written by Katharine Meinert Early mornings, later nights. The sweet scents of summer, the salty [...]

What’s the Secret to a Healthful 2023? A Nutrient Dense Diet.

As creatures of habit, the idea of diversifying our diets can be daunting. We like [...]

Butter(nut) Chickpea Pasta

Written by Taleszia Raubenheimer This recipe reminds me so much of my childhood. The aromatic [...]

Feel good food gardening!

There’s no comparison between the taste of a store-bought tomato and one that comes fresh [...]

Roast Vegetable Pasta Salad with Basil pesto dressing

Recipe by Shirley Erasmus Hi! I’m Shirley! The girl behind the Instagram account FrequentlyEats. I’m [...]

Lentil Pasta with Creamy Avocado Sauce

By Francesca Annenberg Ever since I’ve moved to Durban, three months ago, I have been astounded [...]

How to Forage (and Eat!) Nasturtium Flowers

BY CHANTAL AIDA GORDON PHOTO BY RYAN BENOIT Nasturtium has got to be one of [...]

Happy Earth People’s fun and simple organic recipe: Flora’s Nasturtium Sunflower Pesto.

Speaking of all things spring and seasonal! We met with Flora, and yes, she is as [...]

Spring! One of Many Reasons to Eat Seasonally

Every Wednesday we collect a beautiful veg box from Oranjezicht City Farm in Cape Town. [...]