turning two

We’re Turning Two!

Wow, it feels groovy to walk!

Can you believe it was just two years ago; we were testing the waters at OZCF market. Hopes and dreams that you guys would like this legume pasta mission as much as we did?!

Thankfully, we’re still here. Jumping, reaching, growing, toward a brighter future that considers the interconnectedness of it all.

Authentic products that embody change from the ground up.

Products with a legume-loving, legume-planting purpose. Products that represent love and consciousness, that consider the planet and our extended producer responsibility, asking “what happens to this?” Or “where does it come from?” And “How can we make a difference?”  

We believe pulses are the nutritious superfood of the future, and here’s why:

They are one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. They are rich in proteins and minerals. They are rich in iron as well as fibre. They are low in fats. They are an answer to the two-edged challenge of chronic hunger and poor eating habits: 793 million are chronically undernourished; 500 million people are obese.

Pulses not only boost the immune system, they also have a positive effect on the nervous system. They are ideal for diabetics and celiacs and they help to regulate weight.

Pulses need less water than many other crops. Pulses improve the absorption of carbon in soils. Pulses biologically fix nitrogen. Planting pulses helps to reduce greenhouse gases.

In crop rotation, they improve the harvest yields of other crops, and their residues can be used as forage: zero waste!

Around 90% of pulses are grown by family farmers, the majority of whom rely on subsistence agriculture. Pulses are highly resistant and inexpensive.



Growing and supporting the pulse industry is not only good for you but good for the planet too.

Here’s to two; 2 infinity and beyond! Now, let’s eat cake and be merry 🙂



Image source: International Year Of The Pulse 2016