Live Your Best Plant-Based Life, With Ursula Botha

We decided to get the low-down on Ursula doing her plant-based thing, living life, in her best way. Here’s the inside scoop on products and how-to’s!

Wazoogles for a high-vibrational breakfast, Happy Earth People for a protein-powered lunch, and a deliciously creamy Superlatte Red Velvet blend made with Almond Creamery‘s nut milk for a little afternoon pick-me-up!

About Ursula:

Ursula Botha is an actress, accidental academic and health-nut based in Johannesburg. Her YouTube channel features a variety of videos including plant based recipes, fashion and daily vlogs. Since birth Ursula’s had a compromised digestive system, which caused much discomfort and chronic illnesses. Therefore, she pursues a gluten, dairy, sugar-FREE diet in order to live a healthy, vibrant, fun and balanced lifestyle.

Find Ursula on Instagram, Facebook, or see her website for more.