What Is This Crazy Thing We Decided To Start in 2015?

Not many know that Happy Earth People was started with a very clear intention at heart. The dream of contributing toward a greater good, a more connected society, a conscious movement toward an illuminated eco revolution.

In fact, those very intentions existed before our products did. We knew that in order to make an impact, we needed a vehicle for change, and in order to sustain a brand that could change the world we needed resources.

We brought together the need for honest, whole foods and our innate yearning to be better humans. Unsurprisingly our ambitions came with it’s own set of challenges. There have been times when Candice and I have had to remind each other why we embarked on this seemingly ludicrous mission in the first place. A mission that initially manifested in us rolling out lentils with a wine bottle, no less!

Trampled on by the big guys, educated through trial and error and many sleepless nights spent searching for solutions. Whether it be a broken machine, or going through all the stages of grief because big retailers began importing rip-offs of our first of a kind in SA, locally made products.

What is this mad thing we decided to start three years ago?

Give all the love in our hearts, do what we know to be right, in the best way we know how. Being bat-shit lentils!

It’s the victories in the tiny difference we’ve managed to make thus far. Challenging the statues quo with nothing but pure unadulterated legumes and love.

This is our mission, our story. And by “our” I mean you, me, all of us. Together. Let’s create our story; sustainably, responsibly, wonderfully.

Thank you for the togetherness and support, it makes everyday totally worth it.



Taleszia and Candice