happy earth people cookies at pick n pay

Happy Earth People Cookies hit Pick n Pay shelves: Grab them now!

As I sat at the kitchen table blissfully unaware enjoying a cookie filled with sugar, I looked at the ingredients. Shocked, I wondered if there was a way to make a cleaner, more wholesome alternative. Given that cookies are a staple in every South African home it felt like a noble mission.

I began to earnestly ponder the ingredients and think about what, to me, would make a really good cookie – I wanted to make a cookie I would feel 100% okay with giving my toddler – and chickpeas felt like the perfect starting point. After months of trial and error with some expert cookie makers, FINALLY! Happy Earth People chickpea cookies were born. Grain-free, dairy-free, refined sugar-free, chickpea goodness. It was challenging finding sustainable, bean-to-bar chocolate (vegan and sugar-free) but we did. Because why on earth would we create anything that we weren’t 100% sure met our ethical requirements? It’s been a journey; we have had to learn a lot about a whole different set of processes – baking. But, like my grandmother used to say: “nothing is hard, you just have to be determined enough.” You can now find our delicious, free-from, made-with chickpeas and LOVE chickpea cookies at a retailer near you! Be sure to lookout for Happy Earth People biscuits in your Pick n Pay health aisle. For a full list of ingredients, check out our online shop.
“If you keep good cookies in your cupboard, you’ll eat good cookies.” – Happy Earth People