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Unearthing the science between soil and gut health

Written by Mark Driscoll It was the American poet, novelist, and environmentalist Wendell Berry who [...]

How To Celebrate Earth Day At Home

Earth Day is going digital, so those of us who are stuck inside can still [...]

Be like the hummingbird.

Did you know? Hummingbirds are the only birds that can’t walk, but they can fly backwards [...]

Sustainable Sunday

“Small hinges swing big doors” – Our team at Happy Earth People have a new [...]

Package free: A global lifestyle trend

From a loaf of bread to a cling wrapped parcel of “fresh” produce, almost everything [...]

Why the People n Planet initiative is on the forefront of change.

It’s officiall! We’ve launched our products at selected Pick n Pay shelves and it’s a win for [...]

What Is This Crazy Thing We Decided To Start in 2015?

Not many know that Happy Earth People was started with a very clear intention at [...]

The Truth About #MeatFreeMonday

Featured on Faithful To Nature They say becoming vegan or vegetarian is a huge missed [...]

5 Ways Eating More Plant-Based Foods Benefits the Environment

By Mariele Ventrice From the destruction of animal and plant habitats by deforestation to the [...]