Make 2019 toxin and stress-free!

Written by Myles McDonogh

It’s out with the old and in with the new! And nothing is looking more forward to that than your tired body. A year of hard work, late nights and unhealthy habits. What better way to start off 2019 than a full detox and cleanse resolution! Happy Earth People can make those New Year’s resolutions a bit more resolute.

While many of you may be looking forward to leaving toxic people behind in 2018, you should be leaving toxins behind too. Considering the number of environmental toxins that we are exposed to daily, a detox routine is not only beneficial but a necessity. A detox routine is essentially helping and supporting your body’s natural ability to rid itself of toxins. Giving your organs the necessary rest, nutrients and care that will allow them to operate at maximum efficiency.

The easiest way to stop bad eating habits is to swop them with healthy good ones! Wholesome organic foods are the easiest way to eliminate the daily toxin intake from processed and unhealthy foods. Eliminating toxic foods will also eliminate the tiredness and stress associated with your body working overtime digesting all these unhealthy foods, as well as not receiving the vital micronutrients needed to function. Not only do the organs take a hammering from breaking down these harsh substances but the digestive tract gets a buildup of these toxins that prevent your digestive system from efficiently riding itself of these substances. A smart and balanced detox can also help you curb those unhealthy food cravings which are mainly attributed to hormonal changes. An effective and periodic detoxing routine can also help you lose those extra few kilos from the Christmas holidays!

There are many reasons to detox as well as benefits. For some, the idea of “organic and wholesome foods” may not seem as appealing as their harmful counterparts, but Happy Earth People has provided the tasty solution! Try the wholesome gluten-free Chickpea Fusilli Pasta made from 100% chickpea or the Red Lentil Fusilli Pasta packed with all the nutrients your body needs and taste to boot! Their Mungday Cleanse is a wonderfully fragranced liquid cleanse! With turmeric, ginger and garam masala forming some of the ingredients – it will transport you to the spice markets while simultaneously gently removing toxins from your digestive track! Rest, reset, digest 🙂