Legumes are just as good for your baby’s health as they are for yours!

As a parent, it can be very stressful figuring out what you can feed to your growing baby, and more so, what you should feed them for optimal growth and development.

And then of course, you have to contend with what your baby decides they will or won’t eat! Fortunately, feeding time just got easier with the help of our favourite pantry staple: the humble legume!

Legumes are the dried pea, bean or lentil family, they are full of clean protein, B-vitamins and fibre. Unless your child has an allergy (which is pretty rare in most cases) all legumes are safe for consumption. Be sure to check with your paediatrician if you have any concerns or if you suspect your child is having a reaction.

Your baby will be ready to try cooked and mashed legumes at 7 to 10 months. This will usually be preceded by baby cereal and pureed fruits and veg, as you try to encourage them to try more solid food.

Home-cooked legumes are preferable as canned varieties contain a lot of salt. If you must use canned legumes, rinse them thoroughly first.

Cook the legumes well to help with digestion and mash or puree until smooth. Give your baby a small amount of breast milk or formula, then introduce 1 – 2 tablespoons of the mashed legumes.

Your baby may be quite stubborn and inclined to refuse at first, so make sure they are in a good mood before you try 😉 Go slowly and do not force them. Do not try if they are cranky. Also, do not try if you are cranky. Yo can find delicious baby food recipes and more information on legumes for babies, when you visit Wholesome Babyfood.

In our experience, Happy Earth People fusilli makes for an easily held culinary adventure your little one can enjoy, you can also rest assured that we add no nasties whatsoever to our wholesome range of legume pastas.The pastas are made from 100% chickpeas or lentils, so they are completely safe for your baby to devour!

Cook the pasta and eat the majority yourself – perhaps turn it into spicy basil pesto chickpea pasta? But save a tablespoon or two of the plain pasta for your child. Drizzle with olive oil, and buon appettito to bambino!