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The Best Chocolate Tart To Celebrate The Holidays

This Vegan Chocolate Tart is the BEST gluten-free, refined sugar-free, indulgent dessert. It’s easy to [...]

Green Goddess Bowls with Lime Sauce

Written by Candice Heath Two years ago, I became a mother to Emily Heath. Not [...]

Happy Summer Bowls

That all too familiar feeling, when you’ve barely had time for breakfast and it’s almost [...]

Be like the hummingbird.

Did you know? Hummingbirds are the only birds that can’t walk, but they can fly backwards [...]

Celebrate Garden Day This October!

Garden Day is a chance for people across the country to spend some quality time [...]

Sustainable Sunday

“Small hinges swing big doors” – Our team at Happy Earth People have a new [...]

Going green and saying no to plastic.

From bamboo straws to beeswax cling-film and grocery bags made from hemp, shoppers have never [...]

Product Review by Ursula

Ursula Botha talks about the Happy Earth People legume pasta range. She tells us how [...]

The Perfect Weeknight Dinner

Written by Korkor Opai-Tetteh This recipe is perfect for those busy week-night dinners, inspired by all [...]

Spicy Chickpea Tagine

Written by Korkor Opai-Tetteh For my 21st birthday, two of my oldest friends gave me a [...]

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